Replace Plastic with Premium

Enjoy your drink in style with our premium straws and support a non for profit social enterprise!


OneStep towards a sustainable future

Plastic straws - referred to as the world's most wasteful commodity. 

With an estimated 10 million straws used every single day in Australia alone, it's no wonder cities and states around the world have started to ban plastic straws and phase out all single-use plastics. 

OneStep Straws is not the end solution to plastic waste, but is undeniably one step in addressing plastic wastage, one step in building an environmentally conscious generation,  and one step towards a truly sustainable future. 

Our Ethos

Why We Do What We Do

100% Student-run Social Enterprise

Based in Melbourne, we are a student-run social enterprise affiliated with Enactus Melbourne. 100% of our profits are donated to charity to fulfill our mission.


Tackling Plastic Pollution

At OneStep Straws, we aim to fulfill our vision and mission through two paths - through providing eco-friendly reusable straws to customers, and through facilitating environmental education with our sustainability workshops.

Premium Products at Cheapest Prices

• #304 food-grade stainless steel: dish-washer safe and long-lasting
• We take care of everything from production to delivery to you at no extra cost as we are not a profit-seeking venture
• We guarantee to be the cheapest straws you can find!


Partnering Organization

Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to shaping a better, more sustainable world through social entrepreneurship.